Isaac Alun-Jones Powerlifter

Xtreme Gyms is proud to announce that we are the official sponsor for Isaac. 

As a member of Xtreme Gym, Isaac has dedicated his time to learn the sport of Powerlifting with coach Russell and will be competing in the LGBT Powerlifting Championships this July!


Isaac’s story

Hi! I’m Isaac and I’m so honoured and excited to be sponsored by Xtreme Gyms as a powerlifter.

I am 28, a transgender athlete, and I’m currently training for the 2019 International LGBT Powerlifting Championships being held in Blackpool this July.

Although I had been fit and active all my life it was not until I began my transition in 2016 that I decided to start going to the gym. I quickly found that weight training was what I enjoyed the most but my progress was hampered by my chest surgery. The surgery in December 2016, which was followed a few days later by an internal bleed, left me very weak with limited movement in my upper body – one day a few weeks after I came home I got ‘trapped’ under a tea tray and had to ask someone to lift it off my lap because I wasn’t able to do it myself. Nevertheless I was desperate to get back in the gym and have been steadily improving my strength over the past two years.

I started coming to Xtreme Gyms last September because I felt my training had become stagnant. I was initially worried that I would be unwelcome at a gym for serious lifters but I couldn’t have been more wrong and from the moment I first came to look round I knew it was the best choice I could make. Pretty quickly being at Xtreme inspired me to move from just lifting weights to learning powerlifting techniques and training seriously. Following on from Russell’s powerlifting course last autumn I decided to train up to start competing.

The LGBT Powerlifting Championships in July will be my first competition (of hopefully many) and I will be competing in the Novice Senior category. I will be sharing my progress towards the competition online so find me on Instagram @isaacalunjones to see how I’m getting on! Plus I’m always happy to chat if you see me in the gym. I hope that sharing my journey will inspire other LGBT people who are worried about feeling at home in the gym to take up or get back into sport.

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