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Maria Giordmaina

Physique Athlete

Maria Giordmaina, Physique Athlete

Xtreme Gyms is pleased to announce that we are the official sponsor to Maria Giordmaina. During 2018 Maria will be competing as a Physique Athlete in the UH Drug Free Association as a master (over 40) ladies figure.  Having been a member of Xtreme Gyms for over two years, Maria is well known in the gym for her regimented training schedule.

We are sure you will all support Maria this year and help her to get to the finals!

Maria’s story

My name is Maria, 40 years old and I am a physique athlete.

I have always been an active/sporty person and as a youngster my parents always encouraged me to try lots of different sports.

At 16 I went to a sports college to study human biology. At weekends I worked at my local leisure centre as a life guard progressing to gym instructor.

Inspired by the Gladiators

At the age of 18 I started to lift weights. I had just heard about a new TV programme that were looking for contestants to take part in the show. That programme was the Gladiators. I had now found a target which was completing the fitness test that was the first part of becoming a contestant. This gave me a clear goal to work towards with a strict deadline. I loved having a reason to train and creating a plan which I had to stick to which would get me to my goals.

Moving into competitive body building Physique Athlete

In 2015 I decided to find out what it would take to become a good competitive body builder. I was determined to prove how I could naturally build a better physique with hard work, determination, correct training and nutrition.

I now compete with the UH Drug Free Association as a master (over 40) ladies figure. The judges look for a good balance and proportion between your upper and lower body. Symmetrically balanced between left, right, upper and lower. no body part should overpower others. They also expect to see good leanness and muscle development.

There are 2 judging rounds. This includes group compositions where we do quarter turns and 5 mandatory poses as well as a stage walk with 5 poses of our choosing.

Physique Athlete, the wins so far!

A brief history of my competitions:

  • In 2016 I placed 6th in the Heart of England
  • In 2017 I placed 3rd in the Heart of England and secured an invitation to the UK finals where I placed 5th

This year I am making improvements to myself and my training regime. I will compete at Heart of England in September with the goal of securing an invite to the finals!

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