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Group Exercise Stratford-upon-Avon

As well as holding the industry’s traditional classes, Xtreme Gyms creates their own classes tailored for specific goals.

Xtreme Fitness Classes Stratford upon Avon

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The Instructors design all of the Xtreme Fitness classes Stratford upon Avon and therefore, they are unique to Xtreme Gyms. If you are looking for an intense cardio workout, we would suggest Military Mayhem and Xtreme Boot Camps. While our boxing for fitness and rig workouts will assist fat loss and toning.  You can also try our conditioning classes including Abs and Core for specific toning.

Fitness Classes Stratford upon AvonXtreme is well known for its specialist classes including the popular Fat Loss Course that includes a full fitness and nutritional programme. Ladies Weight Training will teach you how to use weights correctly and effectively. The new Powerlifting Course and we will soon be starting our own slimmers club.

Under 14’s can join our kids bootcamp  which is a free class is parents are gym members.

We also hire the studio to non Xtreme fitness classes Stratford upon Avon.  Please ask or contact us for more information on the external classes available as well as upcoming classes.

fatloss-editAll classes are open to members and non-members of Xtreme Gyms. Consequently, there is something to cover all of your specific goals. You will not find these fitness classes anywhere else in Stratford upon Avon. We do not licence in workouts and as a result we design classes that suit you as individuals.

Please see below for more specific details on each class and course as well as times and prices. Alternatively contact us for more information. 

Download the latest timetable here.

Saturdays 10am-11am.

£8 (£5 Students); Free to Xtreme Bootcampers and Gym members.

Want to workout to the level that your Xtreme Trainers do?
Want a taste of the workouts the military do?
This class is for you!
Be warned, the instructors did not get to the level they are at by walking in the park!

Goal: To absolutely smash your whole body and fitness to the next level
Am I fit enough? A fitness test will be required prior to doing this class as advanced equipment will be used
Intensity: Very intense
Calorie Burn: 800-1200

6.30pm-7.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Stratford High School and Saturdays 10am-11am at Xtreme Gyms.

£8 a session (£5 students)

What is it? Xtremes most infamous class, the best class if you hate the gym environment. Military instructors will take you through a heart wrenching, challenging and yet enjoyable outside workout! You will spend a lot of time working in groups and helping each other out. Think you know boot camps? Unfortunately you have not experienced what boot camps are all about until you try this.

Goal: To work the whole body, fitness, mind and team work in a challenging yet awarding workout with military instructors. The goal is to increase your CV fitness as well as shred that unwanted fat
Am I fit enough? Yes Xtreme Boot Camps caters for all fitness level, although you need to like water and mud!
Intensity: Intense


What is it? Gloves and pads and hitting one another until our hearts content. Lots of aggression needed all done to our favourite party tunes

Goal: To really work you upper body and CV fitness as well as really shaping your arms
Am I fit enough? Yes, the fitter you are the more challenging the instructor will make the class for you
Intensity: Intense
Calorie Burn: 600-900

Ladies only Weight Training Courses with James Evans.

Each course runs on Tuesday mornings for 4 weeks and costs £50.

Book here or contact the gym

The infamous Abs and Core by James Evans on Monday evenings 6.30 – 7.15pm. For the ultimate six pack and core strength.

£20 a month. Limited to 15 per class and pre- booking required.

Book here or contact the gym.

Jump onto this course to burn fat and transform your weight. Start anytime you want and you will take 3 specific classes a week designed to loss fat. You will also be given nutritional advice to ensure you get the optimal results.

The fitness sessions run on Monday and Thursday mornings at 6-7am and on Saturdays 9-10am at Xtreme Gyms.

Cost is £50 a month which includes 3 classes a week and nutrition advice.

Book Here or contact the gym

Come and train with Russell, ranked 4th in the 2018 British Powerlifting competition. Courses run on Tuesday evenings and here you will learn everything you need to know about how to powerlift safely and correctly.

Every Monday evening at 7.30pm. Includes weigh in and guest speakers.

More information.

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