Xtreme Programs

Here at Xtreme Gyms we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional training and support to ensure our members get outstanding results. Whether you are new to training or an experienced athlete we provide the tools and resources to take your training to the next level! Below are programs created by owner James where he has helped people all over the world achieve their results and he believes as a gym member you should have access to all of this completely FREE of charge! Whatever your goal may be we have you covered! Below are some of the programs you can do FREE when you join us!

  • First week is the prep week where you work out all the nutrition you need for put on lean muscle. If you want to you can attend our nutrition seminar!
  • There is a week by week program routine with each week making progress on the previous week
  • All workouts have video tutorials and program cards so you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Program has 2 phases!
  • Phase 1 is when you build lean muscle!
  • Phase 2 is when you shred fat and maintain the muscle!
  • You choose which phase you want to do!
  • All workouts have program cards and video tutorials!
  • All the nutrition for both phases is done for you!
  • Week by week programs and workouts with video tutorials and program cards!
  • Online nutrition where you will follow Fat Loss Recipes and you will eat a huge variety of food from pizza, salad, Indian food, Chinese food, Italian and so much more!
  • You will be doing HIIT training, tabata, circuits, weights and PHA Training! Awesome workouts! 
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