Xtreme Gyms – COVID 19 Update 10/07/2020

The outdoor gym is open and the indoor gym will open 25 July 2020

Outside we have put the gym equipment including benches, free weights, squat rack, bikes and rowers and functional training equipment.

You must still adhere to social distancing and only 5 members will be allowed to train at anyone time. We have amended the booking slots for this, and any bookings made during the revised opening times are still valid. If your bookings were early morning or late evening please rebook.

Opening times:

Saturday and Sunday 9am-3pm

Weekdays 8am-8pm

Members paying their full membership can choose 1 slot a day free of charge. Only full paying members will be allowed from 11 July 2020.

Please arrive for your slot and wait behind the green van. If driving, please park at the back of the gym. Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout, and we ask you clean your equipment before and after use and we will also be cleaning at all times.

If it rains, we may have to move some equipment back indoors (cardio).

Please book here

Please read the social distancing procedures before arriving.

Please direct any questions to info@xtremebootcamps.com

 Xtreme Gyms – Indoor Gym from 25 July 2020

New procedures

When Xtreme Gyms reopens we will be maintaining social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures including sanitization of the gym.

The gym will only be open to members. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer day/guest passes for the time being and we will initially be limiting the number of people in the gym to 18 at anyone time. This also means we will be capping the total number of members to ensure that everyone can train at once a day.

We will be introducing a booking system. This is to enable members to book in and not have to queue outside. It will also allow us to maintain cleanliness during this time. We will be asking members to wait outside until we call them in for their time slot and we will be asking you to start making your way out 5 minutes before your hour slot is over so that the next group can enter in a timely manner.

We will assess whether we need to continue with the booking system on an ongoing basis. Members can start booking their slots now and we ask that you please book no more than one hour slot a day for the time being so all members can train equally. As we move through the Summer, we will continue to monitor the number of members that can train at any one time based on government guidelines.

Book your training slots

You will need your card number and email address used to sign up to access the booking site. If you have lost these or cannot access the system email info@xtremebootcamps.com and we will resolve as soon as we can.

Members will also be asked to wash their hands upon arrival and to clean the machines before and after use. Please work with us to ensure that we maintain a safe and secure environment for all members and staff.


We will restart classes as soon as we are able and at the latest 25 July 2020. Only members can book onto a class. The available classes are listed below. We will look to increase classes again in the future and will move back inside to the gym when we have the space to do so whilst adhering to social distancing.

Book a class now

Monday 6.30pm – HIIT/TABATA

Wednesday 6.30pm – Conditioning/Abs and Core

Friday 6.30pm – Circuits

Memberships and restarting of payments

Members who continued with their payments (who we are eternally grateful for) – no change

Members who paid 50% of their payments (again so grateful for) will automatically be re set to the monthly amount on the next payment after we reopen.

Members who froze their payments. From the 24th April Ashbourne introduced a rolling freeze so every frozen DD will be moved on a payment date, each week until we know the reopen date. That will make sure every member gets a chance to use any unused time.

Members who cancelled their direct debits:

If outside the 12-month minimum term your membership has expired. You can sign up online again. Memberships will not be permitted after we have reached capacity and you will need to go onto our waiting list.

If inside the 12-month minimum term, Ashbourne will contact you on the reopening of the gym to restart your membership for the remainder of your term. Your membership is not live until Ashbourne contact you and your direct debit restarts. If we have reached capacity prior to opening, you will not be able to restart your membership.

Please see attached the full social distancing procedures for Xtreme Gyms including entering and exiting the premises, showers and use of the gym floor. Read here