Xtreme Memberships

Anyone who signs up during lockdown will have their first payment applied to the month that we first open and subsequent payments will resume a month after opening.

Xtreme Standard 12 Month £42/Month

The most popular membership. You get FREE access to our all our seminars and 1 year FREE access to our online programs where there are seminars, recipes and workouts for you to follow!

Students + Military 12 Months £33/Month

Full time students and military/ veterans get a discount with Xtreme! This is the same as the Xtreme Standard membership but at the discount rate! When you study/work away from the area we freeze your membership so you are not paying when you can not use us!

Xtreme Rolling (no contract) £53/Month

Do not want to commit to 12 months, no problem!

Xtreme Family 12 Month £110/Month

2 Parents and 2 Children (14 or older) is the perfect membership for the family! This is the same as the Xtreme Standard membership but with discount. If you have extra children then add on for just £20

Xtreme Couples 12 Months £75/Month

This memberships is the same as the Xtreme Standard membership however if you and your partner are members you get discount

Xtreme Ultimate 12 Month £120/Month

The complete package for outstanding results! As well as all the perks of the Xtreme Standard Membership you get your own designated Xtreme Coach! You will receive, every month a completely personalised training and nutrition program, all with programs cards and video tutorials. You will also receive 1 Personal Training session a month and a Check In and Consultation session to plan for the following month and make all the adjustments needed